Skincare Do's & Don'ts

Skincare Do's & Don'ts

Good skincare starts with a quality cleanser. In fact, you should always invest in quality natural products when it comes to your skin. The less chemicals you use on your skin, the less you have to worry about chemical reactions. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you may need chemicals for more serious issues but that shouldn't be your first resource. For the most part; a healthy skin routine and the right quality products can bring bring out the natural glow in your skin. 

Cleansing is a crucial part of skincare and using the right cleanser for your skin issues is a major part of cleaning. Our Natural Glow Turmeric & Lemon facial cleanser is perfect for thoroughly cleansing your face. The turmeric that we use in the product has endless benefits but some of them are reducing dark spots, lightens hyperpigmentation, helps heal acne, prevents premature aging and can also help psoriasis and eczema. 

After cleansing your face your moisturizer is also very important. You want a moisturizer that is effective and light so it doesn't cause buildup. Our Resting Bitch Face Serum (I know the name is everything lol) is a light and effective moisturizer. Our serum assists with producing collagen, and the moisturizing is second to none and because it's a light moisturizer it will not clog your pores causing acne and other skin irritations. 

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